Hispasat 1C, 30 degrees West reception footprint for the purposes of receiving Canal Digital Plus Spanish channels, we sell official Canal Digital Spanish subscription cards, Digital plus is also available via Astra at 19 degrees East.

Digital + on Hispasat 1C/1D at 30.0°W reception footprint. 

Hispasat carries the signals for canal digital plus, the Spanish pay television Satellite provider, as can be seen on the footprint map below, this is easily received throughout Europe and some areas beyond.  Digital Plus provides excellent sports coverage, and has many other channels available with original language support. The EPL is represented with at least one or more live football matches being shown on a Saturday.
Hispasat also broadcasts several Arabic channels.

Digital Plus offers extensive English and Original Language support within its channels.

canal digital spain

Digital + on Hispasat 1C/1D at 30.0°W Footprint

Hispasat Footprint
50 dbW 55cm
49 dbW 60cm
47 dBW 75 cm
46 dBW 80 cm
45 dBW 90 cm
44 dBW 90 cm
43 dBW 100 cm
42 dBW 110 cm
41 dBW 120 cm
40 dBW 120 cm
39 dBW 135 cm
38 dBW 150 cm
37 dBW 180 cm
36 dBW 240 cm
35 dBW 300 cm
34 dBW 355 cm

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