ASTRA 19.2E Footprints relevant for the reception of Sky Deutschland.
Please note: we no longer stock Sky Deutschland cards or subscriptions, this page is retained for information purposes only. 

The following satellite reception footprints are for Astra 19.2East. Four satellites make up the constellation these are Astra 1H, 1L, 1M and 1KR, at this time we have displayed only the footprints relevant to Sky Deutschland and the Spanish provider Digital Plus. Both Sky Deutschland and Canal Digital Plus Spain offer 2nd language audio tracks, mostly OV - original format for movies and series, (usually English) and English on the Sports channels.

Astra 19.2°E is one of the primary TV satellite orbital positions serving Europe, transmitting over 1,200 TV, radio and interactive channels to more than 93 million direct-to-home (DTH) and cable homes in 35 countries it is owned and operated by SES. Astra 19.2E broadcasts a wide content of pay and free tv, the free tv is mainly German language but the pay TV includes a multitude of languages and options.

Sky Deutschland can be viewed with a dedicated Sky Deutschland NDS digibox or a suitable CI receiver and Nagravision CAM.

ASTRA 19.2E Footprint for Astra 1H and Astra 1L

footprint Astra 1G 1H 1L 19.2East

ASTRA 19.2E Footprint for Astra 1M Widebeam

Astra 1M 19.2E widebeam footprint

ASTRA 1M European Beam 19.2 degrees East

Astra 19.2E Satellite 1M European Beam

ASTRA 1KR European Beam 19.2 degrees East

Canal Digital Plus Spain

Astra 1KR

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