Abu Dhabi Sports viewing card and Humax HD Receiver Package.


The Abu Dhabi Media Company is one of the fastest growing media organizations in the Gulf, it was created in 2007 as a public joint stock company from the assets of Emirates Media Incorporated. It is a Multi-media orientated company and it owns and operates a wide range of television channels, it has many other media related interests including a fleet of HD broadcast vans, newspaper and radio interests.

The rate at which it has grown has brought it substantial financial muscle, and as such it was able to outbid the Orbit Showtime Network for the rights to broadcast all the Barclays English Premiership Football matches live, it signed a contract with Humax for the exclusive manufacturing of dedicated High Definition set top boxes, to air its new range of sports channels. Much of this was performed at the last minute and this created initially a problem for ADMC in bringing the set top boxes to market, these initial teething problems have been rapidly overcome and we hold a large stock of the boxes and cards. As such we are able to offer competitive trade pricing and welcome all inquiries.

ADMC is currently sticking to the rule that no standalone cards will be delivered, instead they are insisting the cards are supplied with the dedicated Humax HD Satellite receiver and they are pairing the cards to the receivers, this we believe has been done to circumvent a repeat of the card sharing problems which impacted the Orbit Showtime network in the last season. A perfect compliment to this package would be the Al Jazeera sports card for the EUFA matches.

Here is what you can expect from the ADMC Sports Channels:

All the Barclays EPL English Premier League Matches live for the coming seasons all with English commentary.
All 380 Premier League Games LIVE
In High Definition
English LIVE Commentary
Pre and Post Game Analysis
Live Studio From The Stadiums
Live Reporting From The Stadiums
Live Schedules

Broadcast on BADR 6 and Atlantic Bird 4, this package is well suited for Mediterranean areas, as well as all the Premium SPORT content you will also be able to watch the following channels free of charge in English: Fox Movies, MBC 2, MBC Persia, MBC Max, MBC Action, Dubai 1, KTV 2, Bahrain SS, MBC 4, Fox Series, MBC 3, BBC World News, Euronews, France 24, MTV Arabia and a few more which have not been mentioned. For people wanting additional general entertainment packages in English Language as well as Sports, we suggest the Orbit Showtime bundles as they compliment the ADMC boxes perfectly.

This product contains a viewing card, which once activated there can be no refund, you must ensure that you have or can have reception before making any order, in light of this we advise if you live in Northern Europe that you will need a massive dish, and you should clearly check that you receive signals, ensuring that you can receive a signal will mitigate any problems, if you have questions please contact us, and check our terms and conditions carefully before placing any order.


Notes: Due to negotiations with suppliers, we are further able to bring you a better offer and new reduced price. Standard shipping is now included when you checkout with this package, if you wish express delivery then please contact us for a quote.

Abu Dhabi Sports Card +HD receiver - PRICE €395



Abu Dhabi Sports Encryption and Satellite Receiver Information

Abu Dhabi Sports Card

ADMC Sports use Irdeto encryption, but they match the subscription viewing card to the dedicated receiver, this means that the box key is nearly impossible to find, and has pretty much stopped any card sharing dead on the tracks, this means that to display more than one channel at the same time you will need to purchase multiple receivers. The Humax HD Receiver is well specified.

IR1020HD Humax HD Satellite Receiver

Decoder and Box contents / Features.
  • 12 months pre-paid viewing card for ADMC Sports
  • Dual Irdeto smart card slot
  • Multi-satellite receiver
  • Access to all free to air channels
  • Humax Auto Antenna Search
  • Humax OTA upgrades
  • 5.1 Surround sound
  • TV / Radio Channel List
  • EPG Functionality
  • English and Arabic user manual
  • 1 LNB Input
  • 1 LNB Output
  • 1 Composite Video
  • 1 Component (Y, Pb and Pr)
  • Stereo Audio Output
  • 1 HDMI Cable and 1 HDMI output
  • 1 USB Connector
  • 1 Digital Audio Output (Optical, S/Pdif)
  • 1 remote control and 2x AAA batteries
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Fully compatible with Standard Definition TV´s
The package consists of 10 High Definition Channels and is showing all 380 EPL matches with English commentary.
The channels are :-
Abu Dhabi HD Sports 1 - 6, Sky News HD, Fox Movies HD, Fox Series HD, National Geographic Abu Dhabi HD

Abu Dhabi Sports Channel, reception information.

The BADR Signal at 26 East is easy to receive in Mediterranean Europe, especially in Malta, Cyprus, Southern Italy where it can be picked up on a very small dish, in the coastal areas of Spain such as Costa Del Sol, Costa Almeria and Costa Blanca, an 80cm to 100cm dish will suffice, going further North the signal deteriorates rapidly and in Northern European locations such as the UK, is nearly impossible to receive unless you have a dish of 240cm and greater.

Viable alternatives for North European citizens unable to source or install a monster dish are Sky Deutschland, Italia or Canal Digital Plus.

BADR 6 at 26.0East
Atlantic Bird 4A 7.2W
Atlantic Bird4A
ADMC Sports broadcast from :-
Atlantic Bird 4A at 7.2°W -11449 H and 11488 H
Badr 6 at 26.0°E - 11766 H and 11823 V
more information and detailed footprints can be found in the dedicated reception pages which can be reached from the menu bar on the left, or by clicking one of the thumbnails to the left.

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